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Our Wellness Area: Beauty Farm and Wellness Center

Every day an irresistible temptation for body and mind …



An entire floor dedicated to wellness, relaxation and fitness with Finnish sauna, Turkish bath, emotional showers, indoor heated pool with whirlpools, Kneipp, hydro massage Jacuzzi tubs, outdoor pool, gym and beauty farm where you can choose a wide range of massages and beauty treatments.

Put on the bathrobe, take the elevator and from your room you go directly in paradise!
If it were not for the stimulus of hunger, you would spend the whole day in our wellness area.

Eliminate toxins in our Finnish sauna or Turkish bath!
Both environments are accompanied by a play of colors (chromo therapy), relaxing aromas (aromatherapy) and new age melodies (music therapy) to give you an intense feeling of physical pleasure and mental health that will last much longer than the duration of treatment.

Awake your senses in our emotional showers! 
For a real energy boost is perfect enjoying the emotional showers after the turkish bath and sauna.
Wrap yourself up in a warm rain flavored with mango or reinvigorate your muscles with a jet of cold water spray scented with mint.
Around you can admire the soothing colors of glass mosaics coming from Murano island.

Relax body and mind with the power of water!
In our large indoor heated pool you will enjoy:

  • 4 massage beds
  • 4 waterfalls for cervical massage
  • 1 central geysers with led lighting and a fountain
  • 2 seats for foot massage and buttocks massage

Reactivate the circulation with our Kneipp!
A great way to reactivate the circulation of your legs, often weighed down by a sedentary lifestyle.


This is a real gym for your veins with alternating immersion in a tub of warm water to dilate the blood vessels, and in a tub of cold water, to narrow them.

Tone your body in our gym or in our outdoor swimming pool
We offer a well-equipped fitness room with tapis-roulant, cyclette , step and various gym equipments: everything you need for a little healthy movement.

And for those who love the water, from May it is possible to enjoy our outdoor swimming pool, perfect for a refreshing swim. There is also a corner with whirlpool for being caressed by its soft bubbles!

Try the massages and beauty treatments made in our beauty farm
A varied selection of massages among which you can choose the nearest one at your exigence: anti- cellulite massage, massage with lava stones, revitalizing massage, Hawaiian massage, or the new decontracting Yanna massage performed on a special oscillating bed.
You just have to clear your mind and rely on the experienced hands of our qualified staff.

In addition to massages, a wide range of beauty treatments to take care of your body even during your holiday.
For our guests we also offer a hairdressing salon, to be booked by appointment.


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