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Massages in Wellness Hotel in Umbria – Italy

Give yourself the pleasure of a massage



A massage is a time reserved for ourselves, to take care of our body and our spirit. Relying on someone to be pampered by a massage brings us back to childhood and allows us a total relax that normally we do not concede to ourselves.

On the contrary, the stressful rhythm of daily life leads to a progressive tightening in our relations with our neighbor. Trusting who will massage us can allow a progressive improvement of our social relationships and gives us the opportunity to interact with others without barriers. Love yourself is the first step to a harmonious life and helps us to relate with the world more positively.

An appointement with yourself to be repeated

Very often the first approach to massage is linked to the need to alleviate pain. Although it is a reasonable approach would be better to make it an appointment with your mental wellbeing. Try not to think about anything, emptying your head of negative thoughts: let your senses to appreciate the benefits of massage Mediterranean influences. This moment must be enjoyed to the end and it is essential to relax slowly to get in touch with your inner energy,

All the massages are made by qualified staff with great experience..

For all kinds of massage is advisable to book in advance before arrival to be sure to find free place. The customers are asked to strictly adhere to the agreed appointment time. Any delay could decrease the duration of the treatment provided. The treatments that have not been canceled by the afternoon of the previous day will be equally charged.

Aromasoul Mediterranean Massage

It is a total relaxation massage, beneficial in all points of view because it involves all the senses, it is performed in a warm and comfortable environment, with soft lights.
Especially nice is the background music “ambient” and the use of scented candles with their reflections and their exciting flavors: all help to create a magical atmosphere.
The use of natural oils make the massage more fluid and invigorating.
An advice: clean deeply the skin to remove impurities and to make it more receptive and sensitive.
Duration: 40 minutes
COST: €. 70.00
COST of the same massage with oil or anti-cellulite cream: €. 78.00

Hawaian Massage (LOMI-LOMI)

Lomi Lomi is an ancient therapeutic practice originated in the Hawaiian Islands.
It is a physical manipulation of the energy that helps to free up tension and stiffness and promotes a deep physical and internal renewal. According to these healers, body is shape and expression of the mind; therefore, blocked emotions, stress and anxiety occur in the body with physical stiffness and tension.
The philosophy of this massage is summarized in the word “ALOHA”, routinely used as a greeting in the Hawaiian islands, but its deeper meaning expresses the power of love, based on mutual help and support in the journey of life.
This massage promotes change at all levels (physical, mental, emotional, spiritual), because working through the body means working with our vital energy.
Duration: 45 minutes
COST: €. 90.00

Back, Head and Neck Massage

Duration: 25 minutes
COST: €. 38.00

Feet and Legs Massage

To stimulate the circulation and remove the heaviness .
It can also be done with anti-cellulite cream.
Duration: 25 minutes
COST: €. 38.00

Revitalizing Massage Mint-Eucalyptus

It is a fresh and invigorating massage that relaxes and loosens the muscles of the body.
Duration: 30 minutes
COST: €. 48.00

Infrared massage bed

This is an infrared massage bed with 9 therapeutic treatment programs and 5 wellness programs that combines vibration technology with the beneficial effects of infrared rays, scientifically designed to achieve an extraordinary mental and physical wellbeing.
Ideal for:
– Stimulation of the lymphatic circulation
– Treatments for athletes
– Combat back pain, cervical osteoarthritis
– Combat poor circulation
Duration: 45 min.
Cost: € 75.00

Hot Stone Massage

The stone massage is one of the oldest therapies for curing the ills of the body and mind: it is almost instinctive in man to make pressure to the painful area.
The well-polished stones are able to retain the heat longer and return it to the body with which they come into contact.
The ability of different stones to release heat determines the more o less absorption of the substance. Usually the stones are used in combination with specific oils for the illness to treat.
There are 2 types of stone massage: hot and cold.
In the hot stone massage we use hot lava stones in various shapes, size and weight.
The basalt stones are heated in water at 65 to 70 degrees, we apply the oil to the part of the patient to be massaged, the stones are dried and then start the manual technique, making an average pressure.

Here there are the physical benefits you will find from the stone massage:

  • Dissolve the stiffness of the muscles
  • Relieve tension throughout the spinal column
  • Decongest the lymphatic deposits and improve water retention
  • Improve blood circulation
  • Unlock the metabolic exchanges in the body
  • Detoxify the body
  • Improve joint mobility
  • Relax the soft tissues
  • Improve venous return
  • Rub the skin thoroughly
  • Dispose of stress
  • Create Heat

From the spiritual point of view you can reach an energy balance with these results:

  • a general feeling of well-being
  • a deep mental relaxation
  • awareness of body in its unity

In addition to the massage, the stones are also used laying them in the energetic points of the body (chakras of Indian tradition) or alternate them on the muscles, hot and cold, depending on the condition of medicine Ayurvetica.
Duration: 50 minutes
Cost: €. 85.00

Holistic Massage

It is a manual technique that aims to restore the physical, mental and spiritual well-being.
This massage can be chose for every need: draining, anti-stress and rebalancing. The massage oil is chosen according to your taste.
Duration: 30 minutes
COST: €. 58.00

Chocolate Massage

Let yourself groped by the fragrance of chocolate, involving your mind and your body and concede to yourself a pleasant feeling of well-being.
A relaxing massage with chocolate for draining treatments, water retention, adiposity, an excellent anti-aging skin, anti-stress, for complete relaxation.
(The same treatment can be done with the vanilla)
Duration: 1h 40′
Cost: €. 100.00

Intensive Specific Anti-Cellulite Treatment

The thermogenic action (hot-cold) effectively stimulates the microcirculation and promotes the absorption of active principles with lipolytic action.
Not recommended in pregnancy to people with thyroid problems and fragile capillaries.
Result: improvement of microcirculation with a visible reduction of fat deposits. The silhouette is visibly toned and reshaped.
Duration: 45 minutes
COST: €. 45.00

Maternity Massage

It is a holistic relaxing massage for pregnant women.
Duration: 30 minutes
COST: €. 43.00

Candle Massage

The Candle Massage is an expression of full-body holistic body work, oriental style, oriented to psycho-physical wellbeing, which is based on the integration of various components:
– Hawaiian and Indonesian technique of manual massage
– Balancing energy
– Coordination with appropriate manual technique designed specifically for the use of massage candles
Duration: 45 minutes
COST: €. 90.00

Per tutti i massaggi si consiglia la prenotazione anticipata prima dell’arrivo per avere la certezza di trovare posti liberi.
Il cliente è pregato di attenersi scrupolosamente agli orari concordati.
Eventuali ritardi potrebbero diminuire la durata del trattamento previsto.
I trattamenti non disdetti entro il pomeriggio del giorno precedente saranno egualmente addebitati.

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